Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tutu's from this weekend.

Here are a few of the tutu's that I shipped out this morning. My favorite one has to be the kotted American Beauty Tutu. It took me a little longer but in the end I think it was totally worth it.
A lady order a tutu last week and she wants me to add feathers to it, I hope I do a good job because feathers are a first for me. Peyton can't model this one because it's for a two month old but I will post pictures when its done.

Against my better judgement(just kidding) I have agreed to make my God Daughter a Redskins tutu. I will make sure to post Peyton in her Steeler tutu and Ava in the Redskins tutu. I will try to get them together! That would be cute. I am on the search for Redskin fabric to so I can make a matching headband, but there are no good fabric stores in Martinsburg.

The new headband will be up soon.

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