Monday, August 25, 2008


I am in a very giving mood this week, not sure if its my kids starting school tomorrow or the fact that I am finally doing something I love. So I am going to giveaway 3 headbands, I will let you choose what fabric you want them in.

Here's what you have to do.... Take my button and add it to your site. And post a blog about my site. Once you have done that come back and leave a comment telling me that you have completed the steps. I will use the random number generaton to choose the winner!

Good luck!

Contest will end on Sept. 1st 2008


Dyar Baby Momma said...

Man I did this before you even had a giveaway!
I love how the headband looks - I'll add more pictures once I get a chance this week from over the weekend.

Dawn said...

Delaney loves her headband! I posted some pics and a link on my blog!

Jess said...

I am doing my post as I type this, Asha. go to or (i think) to get yourself a really cutesy blog design. then there's that MAKES custom templates.

P is adorable in those tutu's and headbands.

Parker Family said...

I love your headbands! They are adorable, and so is your little girl! She is the perfect model for these. I added your button and blogged about this here:

Anonymous said...

Asha – I added your button to my blog and wrote a post. I can not wait until the two I ordered get here. As soon as they do I will post a pic of Hailey in them. You can see what I wrote at Heather