Friday, January 9, 2009

The other day I went to Walmart for a "few" things well when have a 17 month old with you there is never a dull moment in the store. I was walking by the Garanimals and they had some cute play clothes so I got a few for Miss Peyton. she decide it would be fun to throw them out the cart so I grabbed a shirt that I didn't care if she threw or not. I finished getting my groceries and off we went. I get home whats in my bag the shirt that she was supposed to throw on the floor. So I decided I wasn't going to go back to Walmart and wait in that killer return line for $2.50. It was a boys shirt and I really had no use for it so I decided to make it girly for her to wear.
This is what I came up with! She looked so cute. And this way she will keep her hand out the back of her diaper.

Don't mind her messy face the best time to take her picture is to feed her.

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